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Israeli Producer/ Rapper/ Singer/ Songwriter with an eclectic background in music ranging from Ska to EDM, Liat (aka LiHot) is an energetic, fun, and passionate female artist that was raised in the streets of Tel-Aviv in war stricken Israel. 

Breaking all kinds of stereotypes, LiHot is coming out with her personal style and attitude described by others as a mix of a Yogi and a Punk, her energy, passion, and talent can be seen and felt best in her live performances. Music flavors of Trap, Hip-Hop, Middle Eastern, and Reggae which all together creates an EDM-World Music unique and multifarious sound.

LiHot has been writing songs and preforming since she was 11 years old.  Her career in music took a jump while she attended an Art high school and became the lead singer of a Ska band called, "Cuban B."  The band was successful and well known in the Israeli underground scene, and with the assistance of myspace, LiHot Toured internationally.  But it was during LiHot's mandatory time served in the army where she discovered her passion and talent for rapping and producing. Despite Cuban B's success Lihot decided to pursue her own unique vision and In 2008 she moved to Hollywood and continues her music education at the well known Musician Institute with the likes of Anderson Paak.  After many struggles with adjusting to a new country, Lihot teamed up with the producer Dumb Bunny and created the EDM duo Dirty Egoz.  Dirty Egoz released an EP and went on the 2013 warped tour.


Later on Lihot went on a solo career where she produced her own music and also collaborated with the legendary rapper Kool Keith and released the single Fly which she producer, wrote and recorded, through Ice T’s label and went  on a west coast tour. 

At the beginning of Covid, Lihot moved back to Israel  and currently finishing her english album plus getting ready to release singles in hebrew.


As one of the only totally do-it-all female artists in the music industry, LiHot's sound is as eclectic as she is  passionate, energetic, and inspirational. So keep your eyes & ears open for the multitalented, and beautiful,  LiHot!!!!

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